Uphold login helps you with the process of creating a new Uphold login account on the same platform. The platform helps you in trading between different cryptocurrencies. You can trade between more than 70 cryptocurrencies. It will help you get into the unique world of digital currency. You will also find the instructions to log into your account. You must verify the account to unlock the features.

Here are some benefits of Uphold Login Account:
● Uphold Debit Card
● Automated Trading
● Security
● More than 70 Cryptocurrencies.

Steps to Create New Uphold Login Account
You can use the instructions mentioned below to create a new Uphold Login account:
● Open your PC and launch an updated web browser
● Go to the Uphold login page
● Tap on the green Sign Up button on the top-right corner
● The next page will display you a form
● Enter all the required details to create the Uphold account
● Then, type the email address in the box
● Create a strong password for your Uphold account
● Fulfill the strong password requirement
● Select your Country of Residence from the provided list
● Enter the State or Province in the next field
● After that, select your Citizenship from the menu.
● Read all the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy
● Finally, tick the checkbox and click on the Next button.

Steps to Add Uphold Login Personal Information
Here is the process of adding personal information to your Uphold account.
Adding Mobile Number
Follow these steps to add a mobile number:
● Complete the Uphold Signup process
● Type your Full Name in the provided box
● Enter the Date of Birth in the next box
● Then, press the Next option
● Enter your Mobile Number
● After that, click on the Next button
● Follow the on-screen prompts to move ahead.
Adding Address
Add your address by following these steps:
● Firstly, log in to your Uphold account
● Enter your Address in the first and second box
● After that, type your City in the required space
● Enter your Postal Code in the last box and tap Next
● Finally, verify all the entered details.

Steps to Verify Uphold Login Email Address
Go through the instructions below to verify your email address:
● Firstly, turn your computer
● Secondly, launch a web browser
● Visit your email address website
● Enter the email address entered during joining the platform
● Then, log into your Email Account
● Go to the Inbox of your email account
● Locate the Verification Mail sent by the Uphold platform
● Open the mail and find out the green Verify button
● You will be redirected to a new tab
● Navigate to the Dashboard of your Uphold login account.

The Steps of Logging into the Uphold Platform
Here are the steps to login into your Uphold login account:
For The Residents Of United States
Go through the steps mentioned underneath to know the Uphold Login procedure:
● First of all, enter your active mail.
● After that, Read the Uphold platform-related notifications
● Then, create a strong passcode
● It should have at least a total of eight characters
● Then, select the country of your residence.

People living outside the USA can also register for the Uphold login platform. The next part includes different procedures for non-residents of the United States of America.

For The Non-Residents Of United States
The non-residents of the United States of America can also get the Uphold login platform. Go through the procedure given below:
● First of all, enter your complete name
● Next, provide the resident's area
● After that, enter your Date of Birth in the appropriate field
● Next, create the username for your Uphold account
● The username must include numerals, alphabets, and a low line.
● The username should not include any special character
● After that, create an account’s username score symbol
● No special character has to be in the username
● View the Uphold platform email
● Finalize the account creation process
● Finally, tap the Get Started button.

Steps To Activate Uphold Two Factor Authentication For Uphold Login Account
You will need your phone number to enable the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) feature. By using the 2FA Feature your account gets additional protection. The Uphold platform uses the Authy app to provide high safety to its users.
Here are the points to turn on the Two Factor Authentication feature on your Uphold account:
● Firstly, download the Authy app
● After that, enter your phone number in the Authy app
● Ensure that you have entered the same number as given in the Uphold platform
● After that, visit the Sign-Up page
● Follow the on-screen prompts
● Finally, finish the registration work.

Steps To Update Your Two-Factor Authentication App
You can update your old authentication app by following the steps mentioned below:
● Firstly, sign in to your Uphold account
● Configure your new Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature after login
● Navigate to the Security tab
● Choose the 2FA option from your account settings
● Enter the 7-digit verification code from Authy
● Start the setup process
● Download your preferred authentication app from the official site
● Scan the QR code or enter the key provided in the Uphold web or mobile app
● Setup a new Uphold account in the authentication app
● Add your Uphold account
● Return to the Uphold web or mobile app Once your Uphold account is added.
● Then, enter the 6-digit code from your authentication application
● Finally, click Next to verify & update the Two-factor authentication app.

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